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#05_3.ª Newsletter

  • 29 October, 2021


3.ª  Newsletter

Life Cycle Assessment

Audit of the manufacturing process of the CircularBuild constructive solution.

From the 24th to the 26th of August LNEC – Laboratório Nacional de Engenharia Civil, partner of the project CircularBuild, in partnership with the promoter CONCEXEC, carried out an audit of the manufacturing conditions of the CircularBuild construction solution in the manufacturing facilities located in Oliveira de Azeméis.
In this audit, measurements of resource consumption in the manufacture of panels were carried out, as well as the determination of emissions associated with the respective manufacture. In the prototypes of the base construction solution (UnusHouse) existing in the manufacturing facilities, tests were performed on the ventilation door, thermography, air renewal, and monitoring of temperature and relative humidity, for a better assessment of the energy efficiency of the construction solution, for comparison with the values reproduced in the CircularBuild construction solution.
This action is aligned with Activity A2 – Sample preparation and industrial validation, recommended in the schedule of activities of the CircularBuild project.

Technical Meeting

CONCEXEC – LNEC – RISE Fire Research.

On 24.09.2021, another technical meeting took place between the promoter CONCEXEC, the partners LNEC and RISE, in order to streamline and schedule the tests of fire resistance.
This tests will be carried out at the RISE laboratory facilities in Norway.
Technically, issues related to the size of the specimens, quantities and panel typologies were addressed, considering the test in accordance with the project objectives and test structures in the Norwegian laboratory facilities.
Regarding the existing materials in the composition of the CircularBuild constructive solution, the expectations inherent to their behaviour during the fire resistance tests were shared, as well as their state at the end of the test.
This work meeting is presented in line with the work inherent to the development of Activity A3 – Functional Validation Tests – Laboratory Scope, task T3.5 – Fire Behaviour.

Discussion of Results Dissemination Actions Planned for 2022

The Sustainable Habitat Cluster received on September 29, in Aveiro, the promoter of the CircularBuild project, CONCEXEC.
This meeting aimed to schedule the communication actions planned for the 2nd year of execution of CircularBuild.
This phase of the project is very important from the point of view of promoting and disseminating results to the public.
Among the actions planned for the end of 2021 and 2022 are the holding of two events (a demonstrator event and a final event, for the presentation of results) and a series of thematic publications in technical magazines of the sector.
Through our communication channels, you will be informed of these actions and will be able to follow the evolution of the project.


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Interview with Jaime Silva, founder of CONCEXEX, in issue No. 195 of the magazine “Materiais de Construção”

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