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  • 12 May, 2022


4.ª  Newsletter

Modular Construction CircularBuild

The CircularBuild Project – Development and Validation of the Circularity Concept Applied to Modular Prefabricated Construction, under the Environment Program, and financed by the EEA Grants, aims to integrate alternative materials to the base solution, which enable the circularity of the modular panel production system, allowing the reuse of waste generated by “deconstruction” of buildings as a raw material for new panels/new constructions, without compromising the performance of the buildings.
The analysis and evaluation process directed the focus to materials with greater adaptability to the project requirements, with main emphasis on favorable responses to validation tests,  structural performance, with bending tests, vertical compression, plane cutting, facade mechanics, functional, reaction and fire resistance,  seismic resistance, acoustic behavior and energy efficiency. 
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Functional Validation Tests / Laboratory Scope

The process of validation, certification and approval of the CircularBuild constructive solution is based on Activity 3 “A3 – Functional Validation Tests – Laboratory Scope”, through the framework of 5 different tasks, where laboratory tests were programmed and defined for the CircularBuild solution specimens, aiming at identifying points favorable to the improvement of the solution, with a multidisciplinary scope in the regulatory scope of construction in accordance with the international standard EN ISO, to which the constructive solution and the constituent elements must respect. (Continue reading)



Are modular constructions the solution to environmental problems derived from traditional construction?

J.S.: Traditional construction has a significant impact on the environment, representing 35% of the waste produced worldwide, making it the economic sector that generates the most waste. However, other important factors are known today in defining the impact generated by the environmental footprint of the construction sector. (Continue reading)

What are the limitations of modular construction in terms of materials or products to be used?

J.S.: The limitations of prefabricated modular construction are mainly aimed at the dimensional limits of the materials and the modularity of the construction systems, which cannot be cut or expanded, as same as what happens with Lego, giving the construction dimensions resulting from the modularity of the elements that make up the construction, floors and walls. (Continue reading)

What is the environmental impact of the CircularBuild solution?

J.S.: The CircularBuild solution has an exponential impact on the environment, through the integration of new construction concepts, prefabricated modular, industrialized, sustainable and evolutionary, with conceptual and constructive characteristics based on the principles and almost zero primary energy needs, nZEB – near Zero-Energy Build. (Continue reading)

What is the best market for this solution? Is Portugal a target market at the moment?

J.S.: The markets are favourable to the integration of the CircularBuild construction system, since its conceptual and functional characteristics match the physical characteristics of the various geographies.
We emphasise that the real estate market, in the recent past, had some reservations in the adoption of prefabricated modular construction systems, often associated with less favourable experiences in the past, where constructions were weak and cheap. (Continue reading)


CircularBuild CONCEPTS

Prefabricated Modular Cons-truction VS Traditional Construction

Did you know that in addition to the most popular traditional construction system – in masonry – there are other construction systems with contemporary processes, based on the use of alternative, sustainable, efficient and cost-effective materials?

The CircularBuild project team presents you the most significant differences between the traditional construction system and the prefabricated modular construction system, from which the CircularBuild solution aims to reinforce innovation in the field of sustainability, through energy efficiency and the reuse of secondary materials.
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The added value of the CircularBuild project reflects the environmental benefits of prefabricated modular construction, through the conjunction of socio-economic values, inherent to the technological evolution of materials and construction.

In this way, the materialisation of the construction system is reflected in a significant increase in the reuse and optimisation of the natural resources involved in construction, such as water and energy, as well as optimising construction and transport times.

Did you know that the CONCEXEC modular construction system of prefabricated panels allows the execution of constructions with reduced impact on soil use, and also almost zero energy needs?
It also allows the installation of solar panels and rainwater collection systems for greater environmental benefits.

Want to know more about the CircularBuild project? Watch this VIDEO!





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