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  • 26 September, 2022



Functional Validation Tests – Laboratory Scope.

Earthquake Performance of the CircularBuild Construction Solution.

During the second quarter of the year, the CircularBuild project continued to conduct functional validation tests by preparing the transportation of the test specimen to be submitted to the fire resistance test at the facilities of the Norwegian RISE laboratory, and the seismic performance test to be performed at the facilities of the Laboratório Nacional de Engenharia Civil de Lisboa – LNEC, which took place at the beginning of the third quarter of this year.
The seismic performance test was carried out at the premises of the earthquake department, on July 26th and 27th, with the LNEC team responsible for the preparation, monitoring, and validation of the test, as with CONCEXEC, the promoter and creator of the patented prefabricated modular construction solution, on which the development of the CircularBuild construction solution is based. (See more)


CircularBuild is present in the latest issue of “Construção Magazine“!

This issue of “Construção Magazine” contains an article about circular construction and the CircularBuild construction system.

Read the article in portuguese HERE.


The “Smart Cities” Magazine once again featured the CircularBuild project!

Issue #36 of “Smart Cities” Magazine once again featured an article about CircularBuild, this time focused on the project’s Demonstration Event, which took place on June 22 at CONCEXEC.

Read the article in portuguese HERE.


Não conseguiu estar presente ou quer rever o Evento de Demonstração do Projeto CircularBuild?

Assista ao evento completo AQUI!


CircularBuild CONCEPTS

The prefabricated modular construction should be based on the principles of sustainability, aligning innovation, ECOdesign and efficiency in the use of natural resources, by minimizing their impact on the environment in the various stages of construction, from the selection of materials, with a clear reflection on the extraction of raw materials, to their end of life, with waste management.
The CircularBuild project thus converges on the prefabricated construction system all the principles of sustainability and efficiency, ensuring the minimisation of its impact on the environment at the various stages of the life cycle.

The adoption of secondary raw materials in the composition of the CircularBuild panels, combined with their technical characteristics, allow the construction of sustainable, environmentally friendly and efficient buildings.
With the growing environmental concern and the paradigm shift in the construction sector, the CircularBuild constructive solution will present itself as the solution to enhance the environment, the built space, and above all to enhance the value of its users, providing thermal comfort, energy efficiency and evolutionary capacity, following in a comfortable and fast way the constructive needs of its users. 

One of the important factors to consider in construction is the resistance against adverse events such as heavy rains and winds, floods, extreme thermal variations, fires and earthquakes, increasingly frequent events in an ever-changing climate transition.
The CircularBuild building system is currently under laboratory validation, responding to the most demanding construction tests according to the applicable EN ISO international standard.



Project financed by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway, through the EEA Grants.

Meet the EEA Grants  –  Environment Programme

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