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Working Together for a Green Europe!


We are a multidisciplinary consortium that will develop the CircularBuild project, focused on the repaired evolution of the concept of prefabricated modular construction, through the investigation of alternative and environmentally friendly materials that allow a sustainable construction, thus materializing the concept of "Green Innovation" promoting “zero waste” and energy efficiency, reducing the carbon footprint from the production process to the end of the construction cycle.


The entities that make up the consortium, ensure the main players in the value chain, standing out for the multidisciplinary and complementary skills, means and resources: CONCEXEC - Project leader and entity to which the R&D that underlies CircularBuild technology is due; LNEC - Ensures the Know-how and the physical and technical ways for the functional validation of new materials; RISE - With the skills and means to carry out specific fire resistance tests; CLUSTER - Ensures full transparency of the know-how generated for the construction sector and the national coverage of the impacts generated by the project.

Architecture Office, which establishes its activity aimed at the execution of projects in the various sectors of architecture and in the development of its innovative modular prefabricated construction technology.

Public Research Institute, dedicated to Science and Technology, which carries out its activity in the multiple domains of Civil Engineering, through the validation, certification and homologation of construction.

Norwegian research center, owned by RISE Research and the Norwegian foundation SINTEF, is involved in the investigation of fire safety engineering, conducting tests and certifications directed at standards and regulations.

Non-profit association, with a vast network of R&D institutions, municipalities and an important business community in the Habitat sector, in the affirmation of a specialization in Sustainable Construction.



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