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Terms & Conditions

Copyright and other property rights

The content of this website, including brands, designs, logos, text, images, audio and video materials, is the property of Concexec, unless otherwise indicated by reference to its source, and is protected under general terms. of law and (inter) national Intellectual Property protection legislation. It is not permitted to display, reproduce, distribute, modify, transmit or use the contents in any way, for any public or commercial purpose without the prior and express written consent of the Companies.

However, the user can print any excerpt of material contained in these ‘websites’, as long as it is not altered in any way, whether for personal and non-commercial use, contemplating the indication of the source and copyright, and since that another indication of ownership is not removed.

The contents of the pages of this ‘website’ are protected by Copyright and Related Rights, Industrial Property Rights and the Computer Crime Law.

Although the personal data provided to us is under the terms defined in the Privacy Policy published here, any information or other content that the user transmits to this site, whether by email, message to discussion group (comments) sending files or otherwise, it will be considered non-confidential and non-reserved. When transmitting content to this site, the user automatically grants Concexec all exclusive rights and properties on the same content, agreeing to its free and unequivocal use.

Contents and guarantees

The information on this website has been included in good faith and is for general information only, its use being at the sole risk of the user.

This website and its contents are provided without guarantees of any kind, whether implied warranties of merchantability, non-infringement of third party rights and suitability for a particular purpose. Likewise, there is no guarantee that access to these ‘websites’ will be uninterrupted or error-free, free from viruses or other harmful material, or that the information on this website contained is complete, accurate or timely.

Concexec reserves the right to make changes and corrections, suspend or close the website when it deems appropriate and without the need for prior notice to any member or entity.

Concexec does not previously filter or monitor the content transmitted to this website by third parties and is not responsible for filtering or monitoring any content of this type. If notified, Concexec can investigate an allegation that the content transmitted to this website is in violation of the Terms and Conditions and can determine whether it will cause the information to be removed from these ‘websites’.

Concexec assumes no responsibility or liability for any action, or content transmitted by or between the user or any third party inside, or outside this website.

However, the user agrees not to transmit to this ‘website’ any illegal, threatening, accusatory, defamatory, obscene, scandalous, pornographic or profane content, or any other content that may constitute or encourage conduct that violates any law. Concexec will cooperate fully with any law enforcement authorities or court order by requesting or ordering Concexec to disclose identity or help identify or locate any person who transmits such content.

Liability, responsibility, use and risk

Concexec and all its legal representatives, directors, employees and, as well as any other party involved in the creation, production, maintenance or implementation of this website, will not be responsible to any user of the website, for any possible damage, loss or injury (including any loss of lost profit and moral, indirect, accidental or consequential loss) resulting from the correct or incorrect use of these websites and their content, access to the user’s computer or computer system by third parties, viruses, etc. .

This ‘website’ contains links to ‘third party’ websites ’. These links are provided solely for the convenience and accessibility of the user. Concexec does not endorse the content of any of these third party websites and is not responsible for the content of any of those websites. Accessing and visiting any of these third party websites is at your own risk.

The use of the website for illegal purposes or any other purposes that may be considered unworthy of Concexec’s image is expressly prohibited. Usurpation, counterfeiting, use of usurped or counterfeit content, illegitimate identification and unfair competition are criminally punishable.

The user is also prohibited from creating or introducing on these websites any types of viruses or programs that damage or contaminate them or advise third parties to do so. Violators will be subject to criminal prosecution.

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